Highly Specialized Engineering

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WHA International, Inc.

Missed opportunities //

By 2018, WHA International had expanded its specialized engineering services around the globe. Based in Las Cruces, NM, this small engineering firm provides highly specialized services to promote safety of oxygen, hydrogen, and other hazardous fluids.

These services were in high demand from certain industries, but WHA wisely perceived that there was much more room for growth. Both new prospects and existing clients simply weren't taking full advantage of everything WHA had to offer. We worked with key key company leadership to identify two primary issues:

  1. Their audience didn't fully understand the value of WHA's services
  2. Their audience was not aware of the breadth of services available

Creative Content Solutions //

After developing a new website to host new permanent and ongoing content, we worked with WHA staff members to create a comprehensive content strategy. This included key goals, measurable objectives, and a schedule of priority topics.

Each month we develop a new blog article, often featuring a case study, important industry update, or other relevant topic. From there, we propagate new messaging via email marketing and social media.

"I just wanted to say thanks for your support on all of our marketing projects. This eBlast that went out this morning is by far the coolest thing we’ve ever sent out and it REALLY makes us look good!"

- Elliot Forsyth, BSME PE, Sr. Oxygen Safety & Forensic Engineer, Director of Technical Training, Chief Strategy Officer

Unique challenges //

WHA's content can be highly technical but must often still appeal to experts and laymen alike. Relevant decision-makers are not necessarily technical experts themselves, but sometimes people in management or HR positions. That means we must communicate everything with exceptional clarity, focusing not just on technical execution, but real-world problems and outcomes that hold meaning for everyone involved.

Liability is also a very important issue in all of our marketing efforts. WHA provides expert witness services in ongoing litigation efforts and must also adhere to a variety of international safety standards. Just like you hear on TV... "Anything we say can and will be held against us in the court of law." This means we must develop our own understanding of compliance issues and work closely with the client to ensure all materials are of utmost quality.

"You are such a help to us! ... Talented, knowledgeable, fast … you just have a handle on all things marketing."

- Stanna Porter, COO

How it works //

Each month we connect with relevant technical experts on staff to create new content. It's our job to anticipate and understand their needs so we can create high quality technical content with minimal effort.

For WHA's ongoing content, much of our material comes from existing training materials, case studies, and reports. Perfect for educating WHA's readers — and us as content creators!

  1. Propose content themes, identify staff experts and measurable objectives
  2. Collect existing materials and host brief phone interviews
  3. Draft content article and email
  4. Review and revise with staff to complete final versions
  5. Publish article, send email, and schedule multiple social media posts
  6. Review response, outcomes, and ROI

Work Samples //

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