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Empowered Kidney Care

Putting heart back in healthcare //

In 2014, Dr. Richard Gibney disrupted the kidney care industry by converting 11 dialysis units in central Texas to a unique self-care model. Over the next four years, he cut hospitalization and mortality rates in half.

In 2020, Dr. Gibney formed a team of fellow nephrologists to start a company that would help share his revolutionary ideas and methods with the rest of the world.

"I used to think we needed somebody to make a website for us — that is just a technical procedure, but you did that and more. You made us into a real company. You helped us find out who we are … You’re exactly what we need."

- Richard Gibney, M.D.

Unique challenges //

Dr. Gibney and his team set out to challenge multiple decades of culture and practices ingrained in the kidney care industry. They made it their mission is to give control and dignity back to the patients. Their ultimate audacious goal is to prevent patients from ever needing dialysis in the first place.

To accomplish their bold mission, they faced several significant obstacles. They would need:

  1. A professional brand (logo) to earn respect
  2. Clear brand messaging to demonstrate authority and clarify their revolutionary ideas
  3. An effective website to showcase their identity and engage clients
  4. Engaging content to share stories and simplify complex topics

A trusted partner //

Dr. Gibney and his team are exceptionally smart and talented doctors. We set out to...


"You can take all of the information we have bubbling in our minds and make it understandable and interesting and accurate … you’ve taken on Dr Gibney’s voice, and when you write it sounds like Richard writing."

- Teresa Rijks, Chief of Staff

Content Marketing Samples //

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