Brand & Logo Design

We help brands stand out //

Visual branding is about first impressions. Before a customer reads a word, their brain is already creating associations and forming conclusions based on the colors, fonts, and design elements you use. From that moment on, your brand design helps shape and reinforce your customers experience and relationship with you.

For such an important job, we look to the time-honored elements of design and a methodical process intended to bring out the best in you and your brand.

Our process //

Behind even the simplest logos, there is a long story of intentional, methodical discovery and design.

  • Discovery: We begin every brand design process with focused conversations to understand and uncover your vision and preferences
  • Exploration: We present and discuss "mood boards" to further clarify our understanding of what resonates with you
  • Design: We present multiple logo options for you to choose from
  • Refine: We refine colors, fonts, and design until everything is just right

Do you need a brand refresh? //

If you like your brand but your logo feels a bit outdated, it might be time for a brand refresh. We can build upon your current materials to create a modern look and feel that represents you. As always, you'll receive all the files, graphics, and guide documentation to ensure quality and consistency in all future marketing efforts.

Branding will make (or break) your identity //

For better or worse, your brand defines how people feel about your brand. Too many companies settle for outdated logos or inconsistent branding, not realizing that is damaging their credibility.

Looking to grow your business?

We can help you develop a customized technical content marketing strategy. We're perfectly positioned to understand your needs, learn your industry, and help you communicate with both technical experts and laymen alike.