What Are the Best Website Tools for a Redesign?

Some of our favorite projects are website design projects! There’s nothing more satisfying then launching a fresh new brand presence online with a website that looks great and works great.

A successful website design is primarily dependent on a proven process: communicating, planning, and collaborating in such a way that everyone gets exactly what they want and need. (I’ll talk more about that another time.)

Beyond that though, you still have to use the right website tools (systems, software, plugins, etc.). There are so many options out there, and while you can build a good looking site with almost any of them, the tools you use will really make or break your experience using and managing the website.

Every marketer knows the headache of fighting with outdated jerry-rigged tools that just don’t work right. Don’t settle for more of the same. Let’s do it right!

So what do we use? It’s no secret. Here are a few of our go-to systems and why they work so well.

WordPress content management system

Modern websites are built on a content management system (CMS). This platform allows administrators to easily manage pages, posts, settings, and more from a “back end” menu.

WordPress has been the world most popular CMS for a number of years now, powering an estimated 40% of websites worldwide. It’s continuously updated for security and performance, and it has thousands of available plugins and website tools.

Beaver Builder front-end editor

We test-drove a number of drag and drop front-end editors before falling in love with Beaver Builder. This WordPress plugin unlocks an intuitive, yet powerful editor interface for custom designing your website pages.

Our final website deliverables include a number of ready-to-go page templates, saved layouts, and elements for you to use throughout your site.

Fun fact: Our website for ideal-living.com is currently listed on Beaver Builder’s homepage!

PODs custom post types

Certain types of content is perfect for building out as WordPress custom post types (CPTs). For these, we use a plugin called Pods. These include collections of pages that all need similar attributes and layouts, things like:

  • Staff members
  • Multiple locations
  • Products
  • Services
  • Directory listings

Custom posts types allows designers and clients to create and manage content through user-friendly fields in the WordPress back-end menus. All content is automatically formatted in the post according to a defined template — no custom design required.

Custom posts can then be easily displayed, sorted, and filtered anywhere on the site. Simply add, edit, or remove a CPT on the back end, and the change will be reflected throughout the site automatically!

Gravity forms

Whether it’s a simple contact form, a payment form, or an event sign-up form, every website needs forms! We sweat by Gravity Forms, a powerful, well-supported system that’s easy for site visitors and admins.

Hosting and maintenance

Before we can launch a new website, we have to decide where it will live online. Your domain name (example.com) is just like a signpost that points to your host, the location of your actual site.

Some clients have an existing host that they like, while others will elect to set up a new hosting environment.

For simple websites, we offer hosting and management plans through our company’s shared hosting account on SiteGround. For larger and more complex websites, we recommend hosting at WP Engine.

Once your site goes live, we include 30 days of management to snag any last minute bugs that might be revealed by full-time service. After that, we offer management and maintenance plans, or you can manage your site yourself.

Wow! Is there anything you don’t do?

Definitely. We’ve developed a time-tested process and solutions for a certain kind of website, usually for small to mid-size B2B companies. That encompasses a whole lot of potential clients, but not everybody.

We don’t do advanced ecommerce or development of custom tools and plugins. If your site needs complex custom systems, you’ll need a partner with more back-end development expertise.

By limiting our focus to branding and content, we can do what we do best… and create some really killer websites for everyone else!

Why we’re different

Lots of people can build websites, and they can truly be great websites. The trick is creating the perfect website for you—for your organization’s unique needs and requirements. We marry a streamlined (dare we say fun?) design process with robust website tools and proven practices.

Here are a few things that make us different:

  • Content comes first: Form should always follow function. We’re marketers and copywriters first, focused on creating website that actually move you towards for your marketing objectives.
  • Personal design process: We’re a small, tight team of creatives working toward a common goal. You’ll work directly with one or two people—the same people who are actually doing the work.
  • Industry standard tools: We use proven website tools with a history of quality support. That means your new site can grow with you, and you’ll always be able to find support (no mysterious custom tools).
  • Your site is yours: You’re free to do what you want with your site after launch (we don’t hold anything back to keep you tied to us).

Ready for a new website?

We’d love to help you out! Shoot us a message to get started.


Lucas Forsythe

Lucas Forsythe serves as the Principal of Blue Griffin Marketing, directing its branding, design, and content marketing projects.