Case Study: Emergency Physicians Associates Website Redesign

In 2023, Emergency Physicians Associates (EPA) reached out to us at Blue Griffin to create a new website.

The medical group provides emergency physician staffing for hospitals and urgent care centers throughout California. Their former website was quite dated, and an update was much needed to help attract new clients and new talent!

“Our group and scope of business has grown exponentially in the last year, and we needed a new website to reflect our personality, practice, and optimize engagement with potential partners. Blue Griffin was a pleasure to work with, having succinct and comprehensive meetings to both understand our needs and deliver insightful options.”

Emergency Physicians Associates

A fresh new look

Together with key leadership, we walked through a design process to discover what they liked about their current website, and what needed to change.

We identified important elements of their existing brand, and then added secondary green color to provide a fresh take on an otherwise blue-dominated medical industry. We also defines textures, patterns, and other graphics that would create the look and feel for site.

The end result is fresh, bright, visual, and clean. Easy to use and easy to understand!

“They were really open to innovating on design and trusted us to modernize their brand colors, typography, and layouts. The results were exponentially better in terms of performance and responsiveness.”

Mike DeSart, Senior Designer

SEO foundations

Before embarking on the website redesign, everyone involved needed a better understanding of how people were finding Emergency Physicians Associates online. To do so, we teamed up with Rebekah Mays at One Generation to provide a foundational SEO audit including:

  • Current traffic analysis
  • Technical site audit (looking for items potentially harming SEO) 
  • Analytics audit (making sure everything was being tracked properly)
  • Competitor analysis (especially important since had little online presence)
  • Keyword gap analysis and basic content strategy

Using this new SEO understanding, we could assign important keywords to the main site content and get ready to maximize organic search traffic on the new site.

Content organization

The new site included several forms of templated content, perfect for building out as WordPress custom post types. These included locations, physicians, and careers.

This practice allows designers and clients to create and manage content through user-friendly fields in the WordPress back-end menus. All content is automatically formatted in the post according to a defined template — no custom design required.

Custom posts can then be easily displayed, sorted, and filtered anywhere on the site.

Side note: EPA is home to over 100 physicians, and they wanted to showcase their qualifications, personalities, and faces. Because their team is dispersed across multiple locations in California, getting them together for professional headshots would not be practical. Instead, we devised a system for doctors to submit their bios and upload their own photos. We then edit them to color match, isolate backgrounds, and give them all a uniform look on the page. Depending on the quality of the original photos, the end-result isn’t always perfect, but it looks pretty good and goes a long way to adding personality and authenticity to the site!

Launching a content marketing program

Now with a sleek new website platform, Emergency Physicians Associates were eager to create some in-depth content to showcase their expertise and authority in their local market. 

We provided some education and guidance around potential content marketing strategies, and they decided to start with a case study blog featuring one of their clients, St. Louise Regional Hospital.

We sourced content for this new piece from an interview with the EPA team and a proposal they had recently put together for another project — We’re big fans of repurposing existing content whenever possible! Why reinvent the wheel?

The result was a concise case study featuring a compelling story and clear metrics from EPA’s successful relationship with its client. The content was optimized using insights from our initial SEO research efforts, and of course, concludes with a clear call-to-action to explore a business relationship with EPA. 

“The experience of working with the Blue Griffin team was seamless, they produced a beautiful website product that hit all our expectations, and we couldn’t be happier. Best of all, we know we have a trusted partner in Blue Griffin to assist with future website development and maintenance, to match our growing needs as we support our growing community.”

Emergency Physicians Associates

Need a website refresh?

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Lucas Forsythe

Lucas Forsythe serves as the Principal of Blue Griffin Marketing, directing its branding, design, and content marketing projects.