Case Study: Compression Solutions SEO Sprint Drives Immediate Impact

A lot of people think of SEO as a long game, and while that’s generally true, you can achieve short-term gains (or losses) with the right (or wrong) practices. 

While all of our content marketing is geared toward steady SEO growth, we’ll often set aside dedicated time and effort to focus on SEO. We pull out the big guns for situations like:

  • First launching a website
  • Launching a new product or service
  • Starting a new marketing campaign
  • Diagnosing and correcting search performance issues

Take a look at how a short-term SEO sprint got our client Compression Solutions out of the weeds and nearly doubled organic search traffic year over year.

Meet Compression Solutions

Compression Solutions is a med-tech company that provides a variety of medical devices and software to hospitals and surgery centers around the country. Much of their product line focuses on post-operative care and preventing deep vein thrombosis (DVT). 

Compression Solutions ebook graphic
In addition to content strategy, our partnership with Compression Solutions provides graphic design for print and digital marketing materials.

Ally Lightle came on board as Compression Solutions’ Brand Marketing Manager in January 2022, investing a lot of time in rebuilding much of the company’s marketing program from scratch. She reached out to us at Blue Griffin Marketing for some help, and we began working together in January 2023. 

“I brought Blue Griffin on to help us with our brand. Is our messaging right? What do we need to tighten up? How do we get in front of our audience? I needed that other brain in there with me to come up with ideas and figure out how we find this extremely niche target audience.”

Ally Lightle, Compression Solutions Brand Marketing Manager

Content and SEO emphasis

While she’s not specifically an SEO expert, Ally knows her stuff, and she was concerned about missed SEO opportunities. Throughout 2022, she had made steady progress publishing two to three pieces per month, but something happened to stop that growth late in the year.

“It was frustrating that our blogs weren’t getting viewed. I was using multiple tools to figure out what topics I should choose, yet they were getting zero visibility. So it felt like I’m doing a whole lot of work for barely any return.”

SEO specialist identifies key actions

When we came on board, we knew the project needed some extra SEO firepower to get things moving again, so we brought on our long-time friend and colleague, Rebekah Mays from One Generation

We got started on a one-month SEO audit to diagnose the problem, and the audit identified duplicate content issues that likely led to the recent decline in site traffic. 

In addition, the sprint uncovered content that could be refreshed and expanded for better search visibility.

After everyone was able to digest the information, we team got on a call to discuss the findings and to go over next steps.

While the presentation was packed with information, Ally says that it was well explained and presented.

“Along with the packet of recommendations, I got a video to walk me through each piece. So walking through that and listening to all the different pieces and how to use them was extremely helpful. The plan was laid out for me, and I was able to go through and quickly execute things.”

Compression Solutions year over year SEO trends, 2022-2023.
Blue Griffin came on board in January 2023 and launched the SEO sprint in February.

Results: A 30% traffic boost in just two months

After updating a few technical points and a handful of web pages, the site saw a quick boost in traffic of 30% in just two months — the same growth that had previously taken a whole year to achieve.

By the end of the year, Compression Solutions was looking at an organic search traffic increase of over 600% since the decline in traffic in December 2022—still more than double their prior monthly record.

“It was extremely exciting to see that instant return — I wasn’t expecting that. And from several standpoints, it gave me a good path forward. We optimized a few product pages, and they actually look a lot better. It strengthened our internal link strategy.”

What made Compression Solutions SEO Sprint so successful?

So, I know what you’re thinking: are these kinds of results reproducible? Will an SEO Sprint work for everyone?

First, the success of a focused SEO effort largely depends on where you are coming from. Compression Solutions was a clear fit for a successful SEO Sprint for several reasons:

  • Undiagnosed technical SEO issues
  • Lack of solid SEO foundations
  • Recent launch of a new site
  • Lack of consistent SEO attention over the past several years

The initial audit confirmed it was really time for a thorough spring cleaning. Once that was out of the way, search performance could start to move again.

Second, the initial SEO audit and research was paired with swift, decisive ACTION! Immediately after the spring, we divided and conquered, splitting our task lists between Ally (internal), Blue Griffin, and Rebekah.

After fixing technical issues, updating some old content, and creating some new strategic pieces, we began to see the rewards of immediate search improvement.

“Everyone in marketing is busy. But when you pay for a research project and get that research back, take the time to comb through it and really get an understanding of it. If the research sits there, you will not see that growth. You have to work together to get it done.”

Is your website a good candidate for an SEO Sprint?

Give us a shout if you’re interested in boosting your own website with an SEO Sprint. We’d be more than happy to take a look, have a quick conversation, and see what we can do!


Lucas Forsythe

Lucas Forsythe serves as the Principal of Blue Griffin Marketing, directing its branding, design, and content marketing projects.