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Meet the team...

Lucas Forsythe,

Principal, Director of Marketing

Equips and empowers clients to excel in their marketing

Synthesizes complex subjects into accessible content

Founded Forsythe Creative in 2014

Studied English, Creative Writing, and Art at the University of Tulsa

Lucas grew up in Austin, Texas writing stories, building with Lego, creating art, and reading Popular Science. Even then, his imagination was captured both by the acts of creation and communication. He figured if he could somehow combine them, it would make for a pretty cool career. And maybe — just maybe — he could make a difference in the process.

Fast forward to 2012, and Lucas graduated magna cum laude from the University of Tulsa with degrees in English and Creative Writing and a minor in art. During his time there, he soaked up just about whatever he could fit into his schedule, taking classes on physics and mechanical engineering, printmaking, ceramics and more. He fell in love with journalism, first as a contributor and then as the managing editor of the Collegian student newspaper.

At TU, his studies focused largely around the concept of the meta narrative, or “mono myth,” as described by prominent theorists like Joseph Campbell. Lucas was captivated by the idea that every human heart is somehow oriented towards a similar narrative of growth and redemption, and every mind can be engaged by similar elements of storytelling. From the start, he began applying these ideas to his work in journalism and communications, and indeed, modern marketing theory has started to catch on too with some great books like Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller.

While he was there, he met his future wife and business partner Hannah Forsythe (then Hannah Stout) who was a Graphic Design major in the school of art. It wasn’t long before the two were collaborating on projects together and dreaming of a future working together.

After college, Lucas worked for several local design and marketing agencies. He also served for several years as the Director of Communications for First Presbyterian Church of Tulsa, one of the biggest churches in the city. There he gained invaluable experience about managing a creative team and working with both inhouse clients and outside vendors.

Lucas and Hannah began working under the Forsythe Creative name in 2014, primarily serving small businesses and large non-profits in the Tulsa area. By 2016, it had become a full-time job, creating brands, websites, and marketing materials for a variety of clients around the country.

In 2018, they packed up the family and the business to move back to Lucas’ hometown of Austin. They continue to keep strong ties with their community of clients in Tulsa and elsewhere around the world.

Lucas loves equipping clients and colleagues with the tools they need to help their businesses and programs grow. He lives for the “aha moments” in which something clicks, and his clients feel confident and empowered to share their message with the world.

He continues to foster his love of technology and communication, specializing in accessible content marketing for complex subjects. He loves learning about new concepts in science, engineering, and tech so he can synthesis and unpack the technical information into engaging content that anyone can understand.

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If you’re looking for a technical communicator, marketing guide, or simply a sounding board to hone your big ideas. Don’t hesitate to reach out! You can also call me directly at 918-899-2816. Coffee is on me.

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