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Meet the team...

Maria Forsythe,

Director of Video Marketing

Brings client stories to life through video

Produces and edits eye-catching, professional video

Joined the Forsythe Creative team in 2020

Studied Radio-Television-Film at the University of Texas at Austin

Maria is a cinematographer and storyteller born and raised in the great Austin, Texas. She spent most of her early years creating narratives and building new worlds alongside her siblings, including her older brother Lucas Forsythe! Her love for performing and creative arts evolved into a passion for filmmaking. The day she watched Lord of the Rings for the first time, she realized it was possible to change lives through visual media and that filmmaking would be her career.

She went on to study Radio-Television-Film at UT Austin where she explored all the avenues filmmaking has to offer, from screenwriting to post-production, before choosing cinematography as her main focus. During her time at UT, she had the opportunity to work on many exciting film sets, ranging from music videos to narrative films, documentaries, commercials, and experimental shorts. Throughout these experiences, Maria discovered her own creative purpose and narrative vision: telling the story of the individual, unique and profound, big and small, in order to bring all perspectives to light and inspire others.

After graduation, Maria’s film career took her into the world of education, where she taught art and cinema to students ranging from five to fifteen years old. Soon she found herself teaching art, coding, photography, and filmmaking as a “Creative Pro” for Apple Stores in Austin. From there, she landed a rotation in Apple’s commercial video department, editing Apple Support Youtube Channel videos. Here, she gained invaluable experience connecting her creative education with new perspectives on business and marketing.

Despite the hectic year that was 2020, the stars finally aligned for Maria to pursue her passion of filmmaking full-time. She joined her brother and sister-in-law right as they too were beginning a new chapter, bringing her professional experience and eye for motion picture to the company. Outside of her commercial work with Forsythe Creative, she also works as a freelance cinematographer and editor in Austin.

Maria’s goal in everything she creates is to tell honest, authentic, and dynamic stories. She firmly believes in the power of video to inspire, unite, and motivate people—all from countless experiences and backgrounds. She is beyond excited to partner with clients to tell their business stories through one of the most fun, exciting, and interactive mediums there is (in her humble opinion).

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