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Blue Griffin.

As a mythical combination of a lion and eagle, the griffin is a symbol of both intelligence and strength. It’s bold, it’s fierce, and it’s unique, harkening back to ancient storytelling principles we still celebrate in marketing today.

The Forsyth(e) family originally hails from Scotland, where a tenacious band of highlanders staked their claim and made their mark on the world as the Race of the Griffin. Some say they got their name from Forsite (Forseti) the Norse god of justice, who would ride to war atop a blue griffin, sworn to fight for good and ensure justice in the battlefield.

Today our battlefield looks a little different, but we like to think our mandate is the same. Wherever we are, we are charged to uplift honest brands, honorable leaders, and selfless initiatives. We're not here to fight not for ourselves; we're here to help others achieve the success they deserve.

Meet your marketing team

Blue Griffin Marketing is an alliance of creative and marketing professionals helping brands stand out and grow their businesses. We pride ourselves in serving clients through direct personal relationships—but with the systems and organization you would expect from a full creative agency.

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Hannah Forsythe 4x5

Hannah Forsythe

Creative Director
Maria Forsythe 4x5

Maria Forsythe-Crabtree

Director of Video Marketing
Mike DeSart 4x5


Senior Designer,
DeSart Studios

Our story

Lucas and Hannah Forsythe first met at the University of Tulsa. With their complimentary skills in writing, marketing, and design, it wasn't long before they were collaborating on projects and dreaming of owning a business together.

After building their careers through inhouse marketing teams, agencies, and news media, they launched their own business as Forsythe Creative in 2014.

Since then, their business has grown and evolved, moving back to Lucas' hometown of Austin, Texas in 2019 and adding his sister Maria Forsythe as the team's new video expert. The group officially rebranded as Blue Griffin Marketing in 2021 and continues to serve clients around the country.

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